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Nov 19 2010

The Song of the Winns by Frances Watts

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The Gerander Trilogy, Book. HarperCollins, 2010. ISBN: 978 0 7333 2786 5.
Highly recommended. Since their parents were killed in an accident, three mice, siblings Alex, Alistair and Alice, have lived with their Aunt and Uncle. Their 'ordinary' existence ceases when Alistair is kidnapped. Whilst Alistair finds himself unceremoniously dumped on top of Tibby Rose in a far off place and develops a friendship with her, Alex and Alice decide to embark on their own adventure to find and retrieve their brother.
Tibby and Alistair share an uncommon trait; they are both ginger mice, a fact which has not been a problem while they have been safe within the midst of their families. It is, however, this fact that leads them into dangerous situations and causes them to run away to what they hope is safety. Both pairs of mice try to understand why they are being followed and explain the mystery and adventure in which they have found themselves, as they battle the dilemma of who can be trusted.
As the first book in this trilogy, The Song of the Winns provides new and interesting characters, setting and a plot with sufficient interest and excitement to make one wish to continue reading the next book immediately. It brought to mind Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, which I read many years ago, as both series revolve around intelligent rodents and have the potential to become classic texts. This series has the capacity to become didactic with regard to war and prejudice due to race and colour but hopefully will not overshadow the entertaining nature of the tale of friendship, courage and adventure.
Jo Schenkel

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