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Nov 11 2010

Raven's gate. The Power of Five: Book One. The Graphic Novel by Anthony Horowitz

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Adapted by Tony Lee. Ill. by Dom Reardon and Lee O'Connor. Walker Books, ISBN 978 1 406306477.
A gripping novel both in the fast moving plot and the stylised graphic llustrations. Horowitz is a master of strong believable characters from the protagonist Matt, to the evil Mrs Deverill and the unusual variety of characters in between. Curiosity leads Matt to try to unravel the confusing signals he observes: from the flowers put in the house for him and which Mrs Deverill says have beautiful colours but are all poisonous, to the black sinister cat Asmodeus and the farm helper Noah, who delights in hearing pigs squeal as they die!  The plot builds rapidly and when Matt is befriended by the newspaper reporter Richard, they meet the Nexus group who exist to help Matt do what he must do. Raven's Gate is about to open and Matt is told that the Old Ones who existed before need three things for this to occur: ritual, which Matt heard in the woods near Mrs Deverill's home, fire which he saw and blood. The best sacrifice is that of a child! So Matt is inextricably involved. As this is book one the reader is left knowing that Matt is one of the five children who will save the world! Boys especially will enjoy the storyline and the black and white illustrations.
Well recommended for Upper Primary and Early Secondary students.
Sue Nosworthy

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