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Nov 10 2010

Many coloured realm by Anne Hamilton

cover image Wombat Books, ISBN 978 1921633065.  

Wombat Books, ISBN 978 1921633065.
This fantasy has a very complicated plot and needs close scrutiny. The reference to numbers is fascinating for they have a symmetry all of their own and when teaching mathematics joy comes when a student picks the connection. In this book, other than the paragraph about the author, the mathematical illusion is difficult to pick, but the concept of the way numbers form patterns is beautiful and magical. The story revolves around Robbie, Chris and the missing Stephen. The young people enter other worlds through the chimney and here begins the roller coaster ride. There are many wonderful modern day comparisons, for example, when the swans bicker and honk their disagreement and want a stop work meeting to discuss the situation. All this amidst a storm about to destroy the boat they are pulling! It's a very humorous situation and often replicated in real life! Younger readers may struggle with the rapidly changing scenes. The delightful play on words reminds the reader of Philip Pullman's 'The Scarecrow and his Servant'. Time change has a huge effect on the plot. This is a book for students who love other worlds, extravagant and exaggerated characters, humour and the many ways of interpreting our language. It's quite a sophisticated novel but readers of adolescent years may enjoy a challenge after Harry Potter and this could be an intriguing follow on. It would be a wonderful classroom read for the discussion that would ensue would entail freedom, love, particularly self belief for Robbie but overall, a delightful foray into another world with challenges just like ours! A book for students and teachers.
Well recommended for good Upper Primary and Early Secondary students and their teachers
Sue Nosworthy

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