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Nov 09 2010

Zac wipes out by H.I. Larry

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Zac power. Spy camp Mission 6. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2010. ISBN 9781921690518.
(Age: Newly independent readers) Zac is sitting in the dentist chair when he is suddenly whished off to Spy Camp to learn some more spying skills. Here he pairs off with Cam, code name Agent Wave because he loves surfing. They are taken by helicopter to a volcano, and here Zac has to put all his training and skills to work to rescue Cam from the lava flow.
Another in this great series for young readers, especially boys, Zac wipes out will especially appeal to children who enjoy surfing. They will really appreciate how Zac uses a stretcher as a surfboard and rides the lava wave.
Fifty-six pages of large print, interspersed with black and white illustrations make it a good book for the emerging reader.
Pat Pledger

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