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Nov 02 2010

Slice by Steven Herrick

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Woolshed Press 2010. ISBN 9781864719642.
Recommended for ages 14+. As we have come to expect from the writing of Steven Herrick, Slice, is a witty and enjoyable narrative, with many 'juicy moments' to savour!The story is simply told - more like glimpses of a teenage life, as the title suggests - by Darcy Walker, 16 year old school student carrying a bit of baggage from home; namely parental expectations which haven't really eventuated. Darcy is very likeable though and his relationships with family and friends bring out a good deal of conversational humour which makes for entertaining reading.
Slice has the appeal of previous stories, such as The Spangled Drongo and Tom Jones Saves the World. Attention is focused on his attraction and developing intimacy with Audrey: their conversations are great fun to overhear. Indeed, there are many scenes throughout Slice which read so well out loud.
Light-hearted and honest, with no pretensions, this novel is clever, funny and very readable.
Julie Wells

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