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Nov 01 2010

The Byron journals by Daniel Ducrou

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Text Publishing. ISBN 9781921656460.
(Ages 15+) This book is about a boy named Andrew, who lives in Adelaide and travels to Byron Bay in NSW for schoolies week. He goes to a party with his brother and his friends and ends up drumming with a band. He meets up with Heidi also from Adelaide.
Andrew goes to live with Heidi and two of her friends (also band members). He gets involved in their drug cultivation scheme. This gives Andrew his excuse he needs t stay away from Adelaide, where his family life is all messed up.
Andrew gets in over his head with the drugs. Heidi becomes unstable from her inner demons and the drugs. Andrew and the band play gigs in NSW where they plan to sell their drug crop. Then there is an almost fatal accident and things start to change for the worst.
The theme of this book is the effects of drugs, also relationships both with the opposite sex and parents. This book is best suited for students in Yr.10 or above.
Lorrain Robertson

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