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Oct 29 2010

Dragonblood series by Michael Dahl

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Ill. by Federico Piatti. Raintree, 2010. Raintree, 2010.
(Age 10+) Suitable for reluctant readers. Each book in this series starts with the words: 'A new Age of dragons is about to begin. The powerful creatures will return to rule the world once more, but this time it will be different. This time, they will have allies who will help them. Around the world some young humans are making a strange discovery. They are learning that they were born with dragon blood - blood that gives them amazing powers.'
Another set of books in the Dragonblood series, this time illustrated by Federico Piatti, will be welcomed by children who want a quick but compelling read. Each book has a small amount of print on the page, with an interesting type face that leads the eye onto words further on the page. The main characters are older adolescents and adults, so older reluctant or less able readers will not feel that they are reading books designed for young children. The stories are interesting and can be read very quickly by the more proficient reader, so will be useful on a spinner of 'Quick reads' in the library or in the classroom. Each book has different facts about the theme of the story, eg The Missing Fang looks at fangs through history, and there are discussion questions and writing prompts.

Dead Wings by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 536 6
Dragon Cowboy by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 537 3
The Girl who Breathed Fire by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 535 9
Eye of the Monster by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 538 0
Wings Above the Waves by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 534 2
The Missing Fang by Michael Dahl. ISBN: 978 1 40621 533 5
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