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Oct 26 2010

Nerrilee's World by Anne Hamilton

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Wombat Books, 2009. ISBN: 9780975232194
(Ages 4-8) An oil spill in the bay leads to the mermaid Nerrilee rushing off to visit her friends, spreading the news and checking on their well being. Although she keeps asking other creatures about her friend, Talissa, she doesn't meet up with her until the very end of the book, when another spin is put on the activities of the day.
Throughout the story, the reader is introduced to a myriad of sea creatures as well as following the journey of the mermaid. With repetitive, rhythmic language, this is perhaps better suited to younger children and yet the language is simultaneously stilted and lacking simplicity. The illustrations of the underwater habitat are colourful, stylized and realistic in contrast with those of the mermaids which seem to be far more Disney style and hence out of place. With the text laid over the top of the background illustrations, the format seemed to be at odds with the pictures and held little appeal. Illustrations of the different creatures which appeared in the story on the final two pages were the highlight of the book.
Jo Schenkel

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