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Jan 09 2008

Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

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Allen and Unwin
(Age 11-14) What would you do if you were an orphan and your aunt decided to give you to a dragon? Instead of waiting to be rescued by a brave knight, Creel, the heroine of this delightful fairy tale, negotiates with the dragon of Carlieff and receives a pair of extraordinary embroidered slippers from his hoard. Journeying to the capital of the land, Creel uses her embroidery skills to make unusual and beautiful ball gowns. When the slippers disappear, Creel realises that they have magical powers and is plunged into amazing adventures trying to save the kingdom being destroyed by dragons.
This story has all the ingredients to appeal to young girls a feisty heroine who uses her skills to gain employment, a handsome prince, evil princess and several interesting dragons. Mix these up in a fast moving adventure story and you have a winner.
This is an easy to read but quite compelling adventure fairy story. Girls who like this book may also be interested in books by Shannon Hale and Robin McKinley, who both write retellings of fairy stories.
Pat Pledger

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