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Oct 22 2010

Curse of the Wendigo by Scott R. Welvaert

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An Agate and Buck adventure. School mysteries. Raintree, ISBN 978 1 406 21604 2.
Recommended for Upper Primary and older students. A gruesome story about the Wendigo, a creature found in the myths and legends of the Algonquin tribes of North America. The name comes from an old Algonquin word meaning 'evil spirit'or 'spirit that devours humans'!  The story is set in the Canadian woods where Agate and Buck set out to find their parents who have disappeared. The children follow the map they found in their father's trunk and it led them to Fiddler, a man who claimed to know their parents well. During a meal in Fiddler's tent Buck tells them of the tracks with 'claws at the toes like a bear, or a wolf' p37. Fiddler becomes very excited at this news leads the children. Along the way they meet the beautiful Calandra who opens the Temple for them and they meet Igam the head of the Majictaw. Evil Coyote, living deep under the burial grounds, has the children's parents prisoners for he wants to use them to catch the children. Steeped in legend and mystery the story unfolds with chilling sadness. Once again the Glossary, Discussion Questions, Writing Prompts and Author Information are interesting and useful. Typeface and font allow for easier reading.
Sue Nosworthy

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