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Oct 20 2010

Super DC Heroes: Wonder Woman Readers

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Raintree, 2010.
Recommended for Middle Primary.
Review of the set:
Being a child of the 80's I recall watching this character on television, however there are elements to these stories that differ greatly, I think the character has more depth and there is a greater link to mythology than I can recall. I am not however a reader of the traditional comics, so maybe this character is true to the comic version of the superhero.
As a set of readers, they are quite good. The topic is engaging and the character of Wonder Woman is strong, fair and wise. Each book has fact files at the back to fill in the reader a little more about the new characters and Wonder Woman's tools. There are also some very good questions and writing prompts that go beyond comprehension of the story and challenge values and opinions.
Text is at a medium level of understanding, and words that may be of a slightly higher order are included in a glossary at the back. Nicely illustrated by Dan Schoening in a fairly true to form comic style using bold lines and colours.

Trial of the Amazons
by Michael Dahl and Dan Schoening
ISBN: 978140621363. 55pp.
The first in the series, this reader gives us the background of how Wonder Woman came to be.
A powerful Amazonian, Wonder Woman is the princess with the ultimate attitude and skills. Blessed by the Gods and given her magic trio of the lasso of truth, silver armbands and golden crown, she embarks upon a series of missions to make the world a better place.

Creature of Chaos
by Sarah Hines Stephens and Dan Schoening
ISBN:9781406216349. 55pp.
Devastation has arrived, and it is in the form of a small child. No, I am not talking about your average two year old, but an evil character moulded by Cronas-enemy of the Gods. Deva is the opposite of Wonder Woman, crafted with skills and powers to equal hers, but on the side of evil.
Wonder Woman needs to fight hard and think fast if she is going to beat this ball of destruction, can she remember all of her lessons and save the day?
Monster Magic by Louise Simonson and Dan Shoening
ISBN: 9781406216356. 55pp.
A powerful sorceress Circe has come to Washington D.C. to claim back her special plants taken from her magical island. At the same time a large number of magical and mythical creatures wreak havoc on the city. Wonder Woman uses her lasso on the creatures and discovers a surprising truth. What tools will Wonder Woman use to restore peace to the city and appease the sorceress?

Attack of the Cheetah by Jane Mason and Dan Schoening
ISBN: 9781406216332. 55pp.
Three beautiful new cheetah cubs bring a new lease of life to the National Zoo. When their behaviour becomes strange and they go wild, it is up to Wonder Woman to discover why. Super villain Cheetah-part woman, part cheetah-is behind the chaos. What is it she wants, and can Wonder Woman use her super powers to solve the problem?
Zana Thiele

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