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Oct 13 2010

Legends of the sea series

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Raintree, 2010.
(Age 7-10) This is a fascinating series that provides thought provoking and interesting information about facts and legends of the sea. The text is large, bold and fairly easy to read. Fact boxes and questions kept my attention on the content. There is a good Table of Contents and index, which are simple to use. The glossary is useful and the bibliography contains both books and websites that are suitable for this age level. Illustrations are a combination of photos and drawings and supplement the text.
The subject matter will appeal to children, whether reluctant readers or not and there are instructions about doing more research and talking about the information in the books.
Books include:
Read Me!: Sea Monsters by Catherine Veitch ISBN: 978 1 40621 619 6
Sea monsters examined include sirens, viperfish, jellyfish, and giant squid.

Read Me!: Sea Mysteries by Sian Smith ISBN: 978 1 40621 620 2
Includes information about the Bermuda Triangle, ghost ships like th Mary Celeste and the Flying Dutchman, Atlantis, mermaids and strange fish in the deep.

Read Me!: Shipwrecks by Adrian Vigliano ISBN: 978 1 40621 621 9
This gives a definition of a shipwreck,  some legends about shipwrecks, famous shipwrecks like the Vasa in Sweden, ship graveyards, giants of the sea and the Titanic.
Pat Pledger

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