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Oct 12 2010

Demon Princess 2 : Reign Check by Michelle Rowen

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Allen and Unwin, 2010. ISBN 9781742374369.
(Age: Junior secondary) On her 16th birthday Nikki discovers the father she has never known, which is absolutely brilliant, except, she also discovers that he is a demon king; which makes her a demon princess. Over night her world is turned upside down.
Accompany Nikki as she experiences the power of her new demon form whilst she navigates her way through the underworld; a world filled with mysterious creatures and new responsibilities. Even though her world has changed, she is still a teenager dealing with teenage issues: parents, friendships and of course those cute guys.
Demon Princess: Reign Check is a fantasy novel particularly suitable for junior secondary girls. Nikki is a heroic figure; she is fiercely independent, true to her convictions and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Written in a simple style using language which is accessible to the teenage audience, Demon Princess: Reign Check is a delightful novel which is fast paced and adventurous.
Sue Mann

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