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Oct 08 2010

The little drummer boy by Bruce Whatley

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Random House Australia, 2010. ISBN 9781864719901.
(All ages) Picture book. Highly recommended. Annie's grandfather lovingly carves her a little drummer boy from an old table leg to put on the top of the Christmas tree. Annie loves the little drummer boy, who becomes a central part of Christmas, always watching over the celebrations and taking note of the changes in Annie as she ages and more generations of her family come along.
This is a very poignant story using the Christmas traditions that are passed from great grandfather to latest child, to show Annie as she ages, marries, and has children and grand children.
I love the way Whatley portrays the range of people's faces from youth to old age. Annie has very chubby cheeks and glossy hair as a young child, but her expression is always loving. By the time she is a grandmother, her mouth has withered and she is wrinkled and grey, but she still retains her air of kindness and love. Each generation wears clothes and hairstyles that give a hint to the time periods that are being illustrated. Annie's grandfather wears a wonderful grey cap form early in the 20th century and her parents sport very stylish 30's or 40's hairstyles. A captivating detail is the beautiful illustration of the family resemblance between Annie, her daughter and granddaughters.
This book is a keeper. It will be a wonderful read aloud coming up to Christmas and a warm reminder of the closeness and love that family life can bring.
Pat Pledger

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