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Oct 06 2010

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

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Allen and Unwin, 2010. (Age 10+) Highly recommended. Goldie Roth has lived her entire life in chains. She has never walked down a street alone or raced in a field with the wind in her hair. All the children in the city of Jewel wear a silver chain, joining them to either parent or Blessed Guardian for protection until their Separation Day. On that day the Protector removes the chain and frees them forever. On her Separation Day Goldie escapes the Guardians and finds herself inexplicably drawn to the tiny old building that is the Museum of Dutt. Here she meets four Keepers and several unusual but mystical creatures who reveal hidden secrets of the Museum. She discovers there is evil coming and must join the Keepers to fight the evil, protect the Museum and defend the city of Jewel. Lian Tanner's gripping fantasy is set in a future world where fear dominates the adult population and leads to the creation of chains, militia, guardians and soldiers who exist purely for the 'protection' of the children and who are manipulated by the evil Fugleman. She has created the Keepers as the chief characters who are all different but steadfastly brave and who join together to train the new recruit, Goldie. We watch as through a window while Goldie discovers an unlikely new friend called Toadspit, finds her inner courage and realises all is not as it seems in the city of Jewel. Although easy to read and uncomplicated for children of ten and older it is a riveting slightly different spin on the well worn good versus evil plot. The young female protagonist caught my attention from the beginning as I identified with her rebellious nature and her desire for freedom. I highly recommend this book and look forward in anticipation to the next instalment in the trilogy that is The Keepers.
Vicki Nunn

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