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Sep 24 2010

Tuck me in! by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt

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Walker, 2010. ISBN 978-1406328745.
(Preschool) Recommended.This is a turn the flap book of such irresistible charm that it is sure to win many fans who will clamour for it as a bedtime story. Who needs to be tucked in when it is bedtime? Is it the baby pig, zebra, elephant, moose, alligator or peacock? As each animal answers 'I do', the reader turns a flap that becomes a highly coloured blanket and the baby animal is tucked in behind it. After Goodnight is said, the question is asked again.
The illustrations are done in beautiful bright colours, with the amusing cartoon like animals outlined in black. The blankets that are found behind the flaps are in simple but effective designs with the colour matching the background to the animal being tucked in. A deep blue sky with yellow stars and a moon adorn the alternative pages.
Text is simple and repetitive and toddlers will love to say it along with the reader. I am sure that this book will become a bedtime favourite with any child who is lucky enough to listen to it.
Pat Pledger

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