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Sep 21 2010

Moment of Truth by Michael Pryor

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The Laws of Magic, book 5. Random House, 2010. ISBN: 978 1741663099.
Recommended for ages 12 and up. Albion is at war and Aubrey, George and Caroline have enlisted in the military. Instead of receiving the normal style of training and 'starting at the bottom' they are dropped into Gallia, without the support one might assume, and expected to set up headquarters. Instead of simply surveying the scene, Aubrey and his friends again become actively involved in trying to stop the malevolent Tremaine from destroying thousands of lives to suit his own purposes. Whilst Aubrey continues to internalise his feelings for Caroline, Sophie Delroy again appears and provides the motivation for George to become more passionate about both the cause and Sophie herself.
Having been a tad ambivalent about the previous novel, due to having begun the series with book 4, I have enjoyed a totally different experience this time. Understanding the setting, in addition to the characters and their motivations, strengths and personalities, made this a totally engaging and entertaining read; however, my frustration with Aubrey continues to grow. Despite this, his failure to express his feelings for Caroline probably adds to the feeling that the reader has a connection with each of the characters. We are able to see that to which he closes his eyes. There is a certain amount of humour, a liberal sprinkling of magic, weird inventions and sufficient character development for this book to appeal to a wide variety of readers. I will now join Pryor's large group of fans to eagerly await the final installment of the series.
Jo Schenkel

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