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Sep 16 2010

Mythical creatures series

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Raintree, 2010.
The series of books in the Mythical Creatures series introduce the reader to mythical creatures from cultures around the world. They include books about vampires, dragons, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, vampires and werewolves. Each book has a clear well constructed Table of Contents. The individual book then outlines what a mythical creature is, gives a definition of the individual mythical creature and then examines where the stories about them have come from, looks at reality versus myth and contains a glossary, links to sites and books and a good index.
The print is big and clear to read, and the writing engages the reader by asking questions and giving interesting facts. Pronunciations of difficult words are given. Illustrations are bright and bold, and include photographs of real places and things as well as pictures of what the artist's imagination comes up with.
This is a series that should appeal to young readers. The books about vampires and werewolves give factual information about the origins of these myths and are not too gory for middle to upper primary age group that the series appears to be aimed at.
Titles include:
Read Me!: Dragons By Charlotte Guillain ISBN: 978 1 40621 643 1
Read Me!: Fairies By Charlotte Guillain ISBN: 978 1 40621 644 8
Read Me!: Mermaids By Charlotte Guillain ISBN: 978 1 40621 645 5
Read Me!: Unicorns By Abby Colich ISBN: 978 1 40621 648 6
Read Me!: Vampires By Charlotte Guillain ISBN: 978 1 40621 646 2
Read Me!: Werewolves by Rebecca Rissman ISBN: 978 1 40621 647 9
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