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Sep 10 2010

The terrible plop by Ursula Dubosarsky

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Pictures by Andrew Joyner. Puffin, 2009. ISBN 9780670071418.
Highly recommended. The combination of award winning author, Dubosarsky and illustrator Joyner has produced a memorable picture book that is sure to delight readers now and in the future.
Six little rabbits are having a wonderful time munching on carrots and chocolate cake down by the lake when they hear a terrible plop. They are terrified and run away, telling all the animals on the way about the awful noise that they heard. The fox, monkey, cat, pig, elephant, tiger and bat all run out of the forest followed by other animals until they come to the big brown bear who insists that the smallest rabbit takes him back to see the Plop. The rabbit is terrified of the Plop and the bear, 'but the bear is here and the PLOP is there', so he takes him back to the lake, where he realises just what made the plop.
The rhyming story is fun to read aloud and children will enjoy reading along with the verses and making loud plop noises. The rhyme and repetition of such an enjoyable story will also help a newly emerging reader make sense of the words. Both words and pictures are very humorous and the fact that the young child knows what makes the sound and is not afraid makes the animals' fear all the more fun.
Joyner's illustrations are in bold primary colours and outlined in black. All the animals have such wonderful expressions on their faces. I especially love the fright on the bear's face when he heard the plop and the smug joy on the little rabbit's face as he realised just what made the plop and then sat down to finish off the rabbits' picnic.
This is picture book that won't stay on a bookshelf for very long, as it is sure to be a favourite of young children.
Pat Pledger

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