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Sep 09 2010

Operation Tango Two-Two by D. J. Stutley

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Bushytail Books 2009. ISBN 978 0747595021.
This is another in the series involving the siblings Kelly, Doug, Arron and Keryn who live with their friend Tori, and their guardian Scott, a detective sergeant. At school, Kelly befriends the quiet new girl Joanna.
Joanna's mother is killed in a hit and run accident, leaving her with no one to turn to, or so it seems. Kelly invites Joanna to live with her while things are sorted out. And there is more to sort out than one initially thinks. Who is Joanna? Who was her mother? Where is the rest of her family? Who is Berto? Why is Joanna on the run? Is she in danger?
Unlike the first book in the series, Operation Foxtrot Five, D.J. Stutley writes this book from multiple perspectives. The reader sees various sides of the story, Joanna's, Kelly's, and Scott's, and so can make predictions about what could happen.
Operation Tango Two-Two is an easy read, moves along steadily in an almost predictable linear fashion. It would appeal to Middle school readers who want a quick uncomplicated read with a bit of mystery. It could be used to encourage reluctant readers, or those who find reading a chore.
S. Whittaker

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