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Sep 03 2010

Moment of Truth by Michael Pryor

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Random House Australia, 2010.
Aubrey was exploring the idea of joining the Security Intelligence Directorate (secret service) when war with Holmland was declared. He and George decide to join the armed forces but are diverted to intelligence. Even during training they are not immune to attack from the enemy. Caroline joins them after a disastrous encounter with a beautiful traitor.
The three are sent to Gallia where they set up surveillance in a disguised factory near the border. Surprisingly, the vivacious Sophie, George's love interest, joins them. She has an agenda of her own which leads them to a factory over the border where the dreaded Dr Tremaine is creating monsters. Sophie's brother Theo has been beguiled to sign up with the Holmlanders. Can they manage to rescue him? And what of Aubrey's interest in Caroline? How can he handle living and working so close to Caroline whilst on a mission?
This 5th book in the Laws of Magic series has just as much interest as the previous books. From the impetuous boy in Blaze of Glory, Aubrey has grown into a responsible team leader ready to take command behind the battlelines. And Dr Tremaine has become even more evil, building gollem warriors.
Secondary students who love adventure and magic, complexity and pace will find this a satisfying read. An entrancing book trailer is available.
S. Whittaker

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