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Aug 24 2010

Word of Honour by Michael Pryor

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The Laws of Magic 3. Random House, 2008. ISBN 9781864718645.
Michael Pryor continues the adventures and misadventures of Aubrey Fitzwilliam in this third book of the series. The paciness and excitement of Word of Honour will not disappoint the secondary reader, nor the more advanced upper primary or adult reader who want to find out what happens next to Aubrey and his loyal friend George.
Even though he is adept with magic, and even though he feels it defines who he is, Aubrey decides not to practice magic any more because of its terrible effects on his health (fragile due to his previous experience with death magic). This decision is tried very early in the piece.
Sir Darius, the Prime Minister, and Aubrey's father takes them on a secret rendezvous with Rokeby Taylor, (a money hungry, opportunistic schemer). Disaster strikes them whilst on the experimental submersible Electra, in the form of magic hitherto unknown to Aubrey. At great imposition to his health Aubrey resorts to magic to save the boat and its passengers. This is only the start of a series of happenings involving strange magic, and incidents which seem to be provocative of the war that threatens to come.
In spite of previously sabotaging her studies, and being humiliated by the result, Aubrey asks the intimidating but lovely Caroline Hepwworth, to join him in investigations.
As unlikely events (like Maggie and her Crew living in an underground abandoned station being wiped out by a flash flood, and a  train falling into a great hole) reveal subterranean world of tunnels, forgotten railways and parcel ways.Has Dr Tremaine something to do with the under ground rumblings? How come no one else than Aubrey can see him? What is their special connection? Aubrey has to continually 'Look for the reason behind the reason' as events quickly lead Aubrey, George and Caroline to a frightening climax where they are captured, tortured.
Although this book could stand alone on its own merit for action, adventure and novel magic, it is very much a continuation of Aubrey's adventures in Blaze of Glory and Heart of Gold. Another great read.
S. Whittaker

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