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Aug 20 2010

The trouble with dogs by Bob Graham

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Walker Books, 2010. (c2007.) ISBN 978 1 4063 2601 7.
Picture book. Told with brevity and panache, this story which follows Let's get a pup, tells how the family copes with their new acquisition. They brought home two dogs from the Rescue Centre, eights months ago, Rosy, the older, large dog, soft and comfortable as an old sofa and Dave, the much younger, smaller and boisterous dog. Both dogs are much loved in their new home, the family makes way for the older dog so that she can lie on their sofa in the sun, but Dave jumps, springs, runs and chases all the time. He is impervious to any attempts to curb his behavior and so in desperation, the family rings Pup Breakers. The man who turns up tries to curb Dave's exuberance and almost succeeds, but the family misses his sparkle and animation.
A delightful story of the personalities within a family, be they animal or human, Bob Graham perfectly captures the push and pull of daily life. The family is at the centre of all of his books, solving problems which arise. His drawings are readily recognized showing all members of the family in all their glory, trying to cope with the everyday occurrences. Kids will love this offering from Bob Graham all over again, and seek out his other books from the shelves, after the success at reading this.
Fran Knight

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