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Aug 17 2010

There are no cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz

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Walker, 2010. ISBN 9781406316896.
(Age 3-8) Highly recommended. Picture book. Following on from her award winning book There are cats in this book, Viviane Schwarz has put her cats, Tiny, Moonpie, and Andre into another book but this time they are determined to leave the book and explore the world. They are all packed and ready to go and see the world, but they have some trouble getting out of the book. They push and jump but can't leave until Andre gets a brilliant idea. He decides to wish them out of the book and Tiny asks everyone to close their eyes and wish for them. Will they get out?
This fabulous interactive book begins on the cover. From the moment that the book is first opened, the reader is engaged with the story. The cats speak directly to the reader from the dustjacket flap, asking if she/he has 'come to play with the cats in this book?' The cats say that they have gone out to see the world - or have they? The reader is then led on an adventure with the cats asking questions and making statements. I was so involved with the story that I found myself following the cats' instructions and closing my eyes to wish them out of the book.
The illustrations are in bold colours, with black outlines and each cat has a distinct character. The desperation of the cats to leave the book is graphically portrayed when Moonpie really stretches his body and Andre makes a huge leap trying to get out. Fold out tabs and a wonderful pop-up, as well as engaging dialogue, make this a wonderful book to explore.
Pat Pledger

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