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Aug 17 2010

Dragonblood series by Michael Dahl

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Ill. by Tou Vue. Raintree, 2010.
(Age 10+) Suitable for reluctant readers. Each book in this series starts with the words: 'A new Age of dragons is about to begin. The powerful creatures will return to rule the world once more, but this time it will be different. This time, they will have allies who will help them. Around the world some young humans are making a strange discovery. They are learning that they were born with dragon blood - blood that gives them amazing powers.'
In fiction the traditional scenario would be to expect humans to fight the dragons, not have young people helping them rise to power. Dahl has turned this stereotype around and produced an exciting series where the boys who have dragon blood can perform amazing things and have wonderful powers.
I liked this series and found the stories quite compelling. There is not much print on the page and it is larger than usual, the illustrations are dark and compelling and the story themes are demanding enough to make the reader think through events and issues. Fascinating facts about reptiles are printed at the back of each book and there is a glossary and a set of discussion questions.
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