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Aug 16 2010

The Great Space Race by Joshua Mowll

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781406309379.
(Age 11-14) Although this book reminds me of a Morris Gleitzman or Andy Griffith book with its tale of family life, comedy characters, excitement and drama, it is slower moving and has a more involved plot line. It is enjoyable to read the antics of the whole Crankshaw family who are hopelessly in debt, and the things they attempt to solve the problem while being chased by debt collectors. Eventually they all get involved in the great space race which means everyone must cooperate in order to meet the race deadline and land a rocket on the moon. They battle evil robots and evil business men and an evil plot to destroy the world but our hero Eric 'Ace' Crankshaw must foil them all before it is too late. Josh Mowll, who also wrote the Guild Trilogy books, also provided the illustrations which at times are complicated and which I found a little tedious. I recommend this one for upper primary, early secondary.
Vicki Nunn

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