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Aug 13 2010

Itsy-bitsy babies by Margaret Wild and Jan Ormerod

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Little Hare, 2010. ISBN 9781921541896.
(Age 2+) A rhyming picture book, Itsy-bitsy babies, tells the story of what babies and very young children can do. These itsy-bitsy babies play peep-a-boo and they like to shampoo; they go to town and they all fall down. Most of all they like to cuddle and kiss, kiss, kiss.
There is a variety of babies and toddlers, ranging from tiny babies to energetic toddlers and from different ethnic backgrounds. The children are all happy and having a wonderful time, playing music, dress-ups and lots of enjoyable games.
The illustrations are gorgeous, with each child wearing colourful clothes with stars and polka dots, painted in beautiful pastel shades. The background wallpaper to each picture is in a soft colour with dots, flowers and stripes.
A gentle, loving look at babies; this book would be ideal to read aloud at bedtime, or to give to a toddler who has a new baby in the house.
Pat Pledger

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