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Aug 12 2010

Only the good spy young by Ally Carter

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Gallagher Girls Series. Lothian, 2010.
(Age 12+) Another in the Gallagher Girls series, this is sure to please girls who want a fast paced, interesting spy story. Cammie is holidaying in England, having fun ice-skating, when she spies her Covert Ops teacher, Mr Solomon, who tries to grab her. When MI-6 agents chase him, he leaves her a cryptic message, 'Follow the pigeons' and disappears. Cammie can't believe that he is part of  'The Circle' that is out to get her, although the evidence seems to point that way. And can she trust Zach, the mystery boy from the Blackthorne School, who keeps appearing? Things have changed back at school, with security being tightened. Townsend, the agent from London has come to teach Covert Ops in the place of their beloved teacher Mr Solomon. The tunnels under the school are blocked off, but Cammie and her friends are determined to work out what the cryptic message means and stop the evil Circle.
Carter provides non-stop action and a complicated plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The friendship of the four girls is terrific, each supporting the other and using each other's talents to work out the mystery. A growing romance with Zach and an ending that leaves the reader up in the air is enticement enough to ensure that the next book in the series is devoured.
I thoroughly enjoyed this light hearted entertaining spy story, the second one I have read in the series. Although it would be an advantage to read them in sequence, I have missed one, but found that Carter provides enough background information to catch up on new characters and developments.
Pat Pledger

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