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Aug 05 2010

Me and my dad by Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

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Ill. by Matt Ottley. Little Hare, 2010. ISBN 9781921541810.
(Age 3+) Recommended. At the beach, the boy is amazed about Dad's courage. He is not afraid of sharp shells, falling sandcastles, crazy crabs, giant waves or hungry sharks. He is brave and fearless, but there is one thing that scares him and the boy and his dog can help him out. Dad says that they can be heroes together.
This story, with its carefully chosen short text, is ideal to illustrate the loving attachment between father and son. The son is afraid of many things at the beach, but Dad is intrepid, happily facing the dangers of many seaside animals. The young reader will be able to identify with the boy's fear and the awe he feels when his father bravely faces each obstacle. I loved the section where the boy discovered that there was one thing that he could rescue his Dad from and the warmth and love of the two heroes together is heart-warming.
Matt Ottley illustrations are vivid and compelling, enhancing the text and adding an element of humour. The opening double page spread of Dad's elongated leg and huge foot wrestling with pointed shells was my favourite and is sure to delight young and old. The fear on the faces of the young boy and his dog and the heroic expression on his Dad's face are very expressive, as are the wicked looks on the faces of the sea gulls found in each illustration. The bright blue of the sky, yellow of the sand and blue green of the sea are gorgeous.
This is a wonderful book for families to have to show the love between father and son, and would be useful for displays for Father's Day and for units of work on families in the classroom. It certainly deserves a place in the library.
Pat Pledger

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