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Aug 05 2010

The golden scarab by Ian Trevaskis

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Hopscotch. Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781921529252.
(Age 9-14) Hannah and Jake are not content to stay quietly in Pelican Bay after their exciting adventures in Ancient Greece, in the first book in the Hopscotch series, Medusa Stone. Instead they play the hopscotch game again and find themselves in ancient Egypt, on a quest to replace a shabti in the tomb of Pharaoh Thutmose the Third, and collect the sorcerer's sceptre and the Pharaoh's flail to give to the evil Kostas. They have numerous adventures, meeting local rulers and fighting off foes.
Right from the first sentence, the reader is plunged into non-stop action, as Hannah and Jake show their warrior prowess and sword skills, fighting off tomb raiders and impressing the local dignitaries. Trevaskis keeps up the tension with quite a few scary moments when it is uncertain whether the pair can survive all the trials and tribulations, including the loss of the golden scarab, their only means home.
Information about the ancient civilisation, its burial rituals and life is faithfully rendered, giving the reader an opportunity to learn while being engrossed in the action. Further information and a glossary also provide an opportunity for the reader to learn more about Egypt.
It would be an advantage to read the first in the series, Medusa Stone, before tackling this book, as the hopscotch game and the Playground of the Gods is fully explained there.
This book will appeal to both boys and girls with its action driven plot, adventure and information about ancient Egypt.
Pat Pledger

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