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Aug 04 2010

The boy/friend by R. M. Corbet

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Girlfriend fiction. Allen and Unwin, 2010. ISBN 9781742372860.
(Age 13+) Recommended for a lighthearted read. Lou (short for Louis, after Louis Armstrong) and Maude, have lived on the same street forever, and have been best friends forever. But things are being to change. Maude is transferring on a scholarship to an all-girls school and Lou is busy setting up new punk-rock band. When Lou asks Maude to go to the movies, their friendship starts to unravel as Maude inadvertently hurts his feelings. Then Maude has to contend with two new gorgeous girl members of the band and suddenly she is viewing Lou in a different light.
This is an extremely entertaining read, which I read in one sitting. I laughed along at the predicaments that Maude found herself in and sympathised with her as she sorted out what she was looking for in a boy and discovered just how much she missed the friendship that had sustained her for so long. Many girls will identify with the best friend, boy friend scenario and will enjoy the journey that R.M. Corbett takes them on. Best of all, is the snappy dialogue and humour. I loved the introduction of the hairy bikies and the band scenario was hilarious.
It's great to read a book that is funny, well written and happy.
Pat Pledger

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