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Jul 30 2010

The adventures of Hercules retold by Martin Powell

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Raintree Publications, 2009. ISBN 9781406214277. Series: Graphic Myths
(Age 11+) Hercules, the strong man of mythic times deals with a range of animals and monsters as he deals with the twelve incredible tasks given to him by the goddess Hera as punishment for a misdeed in his past. Each of the tasks is frightening in its colour and detail, but Hercules deals with them all in true heroic fashion. Readers will learn of the tale behind the name often heard in relation to strength and doing a group of tasks. This graphic novel presents the story with style and interest.
Part of a series called, Graphic Myths, the group includes Jason and the golden fleece, Theseus and the minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, amongst others. Each is an abbreviated story of the original myth, full coloured with bright attractive covers, a nice size to hold and read, with information about the myth and the characters at the end of the book, along with a glossary, pronunciation guide, discussion points and hints for further reading. All in all a neat, attractive introduction to the myths of Ancient Greece.
Fran Knight

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