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Jul 26 2010

Arnie Avery by Sue Walker

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 978 1 921529726.
Recommended. What started out as a regular Saturday afternoon at the local pool turns into a nightmare. Family night is becoming increasingly odd with Mum seeming to be disengaged with life and an unexpected test produces disastrous results. Can life get any worse?
When Arnie's friend Belly has an asthma attack while trying to teach Arnie to box, a chain of events occurs that helps Arnie to see life more clearly and enables him to find a solution to his problems. Arnie is dealing with loss, a school bully and a dysfunctional family. It is hard to imagine a successful solution to his problems. However as the novel develops Arnie gains strength from unexpected sources and manages to resolve his issues in a successful and rewarding way.
This is an excellent junior novel about relationships, friends and family with strong characters and storyline.
Tracy Glover

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