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Jul 26 2010

Tiger Moth and the dragon kite contest by Aaron Reynolds

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Series: Tiger Moth (Graphic novels). Raintree Publishers, London, 2010. ISBN 9781408216691.
(Ages 8+) This new series of graphic novels revolves around the exploits of Tiger Moth, and his side kick, Kung Pow, primary school ninjas. To celebrate Chinese New Year with his classmates, Tiger's teacher sets up an Antennae School Kite competition. Tiger's rivals, the Fruit Fly Boys, scoff at the idea, but become involved in a very nasty way, trying to upstage Tiger and his friends, and sabotage the competition.
This book is in full colour, has easily identified characters, easy to read script with lively and involving illustrations. This particular book gives facts about Chinese New Year and kite flying, which add to the fun, and the whole is served well by a page showing the main characters at the start, with a page about the author and illustrator, a glossary, discussion and writing points and then information about other graphic novels within the series, at the end of the book. The stories and illustrations are attractive and easily digested, and will be readily picked up by middle primary students.
Others in the series include: Insect ninja; Kung Pow chicken, The fortune cookies of weevil, The dung beetle bandits and The pest show on earth.
Fran Knight

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