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Jul 21 2010

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Retold by Michael Burgan. Series: Graphic Revolve. Raintree Publishers, 2009. ISBN 9781406213539.
Recommended. The perennial favourite, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, first published in1818, is given the graphic novel treatment in this highly inviting comic version of the well known story. Dr Frankenstein has spent years experimenting with flesh dug from the cemetery, attempting to recreate life. He eventually succeeds but is so appalled with what he has done, that he searches for his creature to kill him. The moral decisions that must be made by both creator and creation are given play in this full coloured graphic novel.
The series, Graphic Revolve, also includes favourites such as 20,000 leagues under the sea (Jules Verne) Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll), The wizard of Oz (Frank Baume), The jungle book (Rudyard Kipling) amongst others.
Each is abbreviated, but covers all the themes found in the novels, and they are brightly coloured, a nice size to hold and read, and have attractive inviting covers. At the end of each book is a glossary, topic questions and writing points as well as information about the author and the original version of the book, while the opening pages of the book gives a drawing of each of the characters, As one who received her first introduction to the classics of literature through classic comics in the 1950's, I warmly recommend these. They will have broad appeal to those looking for a quick read, those who want an introduction to the classics, a class where a box of these is made available for reading time, a parent who wants their child to have some background to classical literature and those who want a graphic novel.
Fran Knight

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