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Jul 21 2010

Lucy the Lie Detector by Marianne Musgrove

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Random House, 2010. ISBN 978 1 741664553
The character of Lucy was originally introduced to us in Marianne's earlier novel Lucy the Good and returns to solve the dilemma of modern life about what makes a lie and what is just embellishing the truth and are they really the same thing.
Early in the story Lucy damages the family's new car and blames the accident on her younger brother, Calvin. Lucy is alarmed when the consequences for her actions are more severe than first thought and she tries to make amends only to find another situation arising where her actions are again questionable. Eventually Lucy takes her embellishing of the truth to a level that has her truly worried about the consequences.
The story reaches a satisfactory ending and the involvement of a guinea pig and camel make the story enjoyable for younger readers.
Tracy Glover

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