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Jul 19 2010

Where's Wally? The Incredible Paper Chase by Martin Handford

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Walker Books, 2009. ISBN: 9781406324464.
(All ages) Wally's back-if you can find him!
'The search for Wally continues through more astounding scenes in this new classic title in the Where's Wally? Series. As Wally travels through worlds of dinosaurs, soldiers and clowns he leaves a tiny piece of paper to look for in every scene. Can you find it?' Walker Books Press Release
Wally is a global phenomenon. I couldn't believe that over 47 million copies have been sold across 30 countries - although on reflection of the popularity of this series in my own school library I am really not that surprised. Wally is a cultural icon, even appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine - I doubt there are too many book characters with that claim to fame.
Creator Martin Handford spends about 2 months completing each scene, using a list of jokes, puns and funny happenings as his starting point. As you carefully scan over the pages looking for that ever elusive Wally your eye is continuously drawn to the different interactions and humour within the page. Each time you open the book and try again to find Wally (I haven't on every page yet), you notice new characters come to life.
This version of Wally also comes with the added bonus of fold out board game and press out circus, making the journey with Wally even more interactive for those who are young and young at heart.
I am sure this latest in the Where's Wally series, containing all the old favourite characters along with some kooky new ones will appeal to all Wally hunters.
Zana Thiele

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