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Jul 13 2010

40 Super human body tricks by Ruben Meerman

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ABC Books, 2009. ISBN 9780733325694.
Middle school. A whole lot of fun can be had reading through and trying out some of the experiments outlined by Surfing Scientist, Ruben Meerman. Featured in ABC TV's RollerCoaster, Meerman is well known to young kids in his aim at making science and the body interesting. From making a broken nose, to counting the amount of sugar in a typical can of soft drink, there are 40 amazing things to do in this book.
I loved the Straw heart beat monitor and tried it myself, as well as the Blind taste test and of course the mind puzzles and brain teasers at the end of the book. I can imagine classes trying out some of the double page instructions for themselves, or kids trying things out at home. It's a funny book, full of easy to read instructions, and easily digested explanations of why these things occur. A contents page that is easy to follow, with 2 pages of Amazing body facts and World records at the end of the book add to the fun of it all, and of course, the last experiment to try is making your own snot. What fun!
Fran Knight

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