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Jul 11 2010

Shades series by various authors

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Evans Brothers, 2010.
Dragonwood by Alex Stewart
ISBN 9780237541354
Well recommended. Pip, the Halfling assassin, has taken a bet to obtain the head of Graznik, the leader of the Dragonwood orcs. This is a thriller with a clever twist. It has a good plot followed with strong characters who lead the way. The names are interesting and add to the interest. Pip's relationship with Kalliandashira is interesting to say the least! The plot develops smoothly and the fascinating way the story ends is well concealed.

Off the rails by Anne Rooney
ISBN 9780237541347.
(Age 13+) This book really belongs to the adult section of crime but is written in a very simple way. Karl sees a carpet with a leg hanging out as his train passes a crossing. The reader learns that groups have vendettas against groups of people, in this case gypsies.  
Sue Nosworthy
Editor's note: The publisher recommends the series as suitable for 12-16 year olds and it is aimed at reluctant readers.

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