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Jun 22 2010

Star Friends by Isabella Cass

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Corgi Books, 2010.
(Age: 9 +) Star Friends is two novels packaged into one, each fizzing with fame, fun and friendship at a London theatre school nicknamed Superstar High. Doubtless the series will gain a cult following as it's perfect for girls who live and breathe theatre arts.
Cat, Holly and Belle meet on their first day at The Garrick School of Performing Arts and instantly become firm friends. This is Mallory Towers for the 21st century and Cass is well versed in the lingo. Story lines are 'stoked to the max', and everything from boys to Shakespeare is described as mega, massive, cool and awesome.
All the girls are hugely attractive and between demi-plies, voice coaching and advanced acting, they devote a vast amount of time to chasing eligible boys, who are variously green eyed, floppy fringed and lopsidedly grinning. There is an avalanche of Jimmy Choo, Versace and Bobby Brown with not one 'issue' on the fame filled horizon. The closest we get to a dastardly plot is someone shrinking your cashmere Armani poncho by putting it on boil wash.
It's all very predictable but Cass does preach the importance of school work, hard graft and team work. (The token enemy, Bianca gets her comeuppance when the gorgeous Jack dumps her after the shrinking cashmere poncho incident). There is nothing inappropriate, but equally there is little substance and an awful lot of marshmallow. However, we all enjoy a bit of chick lit so point this in the direction of starry eyed ten year olds. They'll love you for it.
Claire Larson

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