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Jun 15 2010

The night fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

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Candlewick Press, 2010. ISBN 9780763636746.
(Age: Primary) Well recommended. This is a charming story in every way: from the story line to the delicate paintings, the dust jacket, the end papers and the smooth pages.  This is a quality fairy story.  The author says 'As a child I adored fairies and fairy tales'. She was motivated by the girls who came looking for books about fairies. ' They adore the prettiness of fairies, the miniature-ness, but they are also nature lovers and lovers of adventure' p119. 
These comments by the author sum up the book well!   Flory a night fairy, no bigger than an acorn, loses her wings and finds living very precarious.  She meets many creatures who become part of her journey to survive and to understand life.  Skuggle, a squirrel becomes her first friend along with the gentle human, 'giantess'.  Flory's greatest challenge comes when the humming bird, which Florey wants to serve her all the time, is caught in the spider's nest. Then she learns about nature, love and being a good friend. The illustrations are soft, dainty and beautiful.
Sue Nosworthy

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