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Jun 11 2010

I'm the best by Lucy Cousins

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781406323689.
(Age 3-6) Recommended. Lucy Cousins, an award-winning author, has produced another of her brightly coloured books this time with a thought provoking theme. Dog is certain that he is best at everything. He boasts that he can run faster than Mole, and dig holes better than Goose. He is bigger than Ladybird and can swim better than Donkey. All his friends feel sad and inadequate but then they realise that they can do some things better than Dog, who is suitably chastened. However being the good friends that they are the reassure Dog that he is the best at being a best friend and having beautiful fluffy ears.
The illustrations are lively, vivid and almost like those a child would draw. Dog is gorgeously attired in checkered pants, and his animal friends each have a beautiful piece of clothing on. The expressions on the faces of the animals are exquisite and really fit the personalities of the animals. Dog is just so proud of himself! Background details are wonderful splashes of bright watercolours, each quite fascinating to examine. With bold black print, the text is very short and easy to read for new readers.
At the back of the book Lucy Cousins outlines how she had the idea for the book after winning a tennis competition and telling her family and friends about it. She perfectly describes the impact that boasting has on friends, but doesn't pull any punches with the last proud word that Dog has.
An ideal book for young reader that will give them an insight into the power of friendship and how careless boasting can affect the emotional well-being of friends.
Pat Pledger

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