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Jun 10 2010

Striker boy by Jonny Zucker

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Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2010. ISBN 9781847800237.
(Ages: Upper Primary and early Secondary).Well recommended. With the World Cup about to start in South Africa, this thriller strikes a winner for soccer enthusiasts who like an exciting plot!  Set in England, the hero Nat Dixon is thirteen and has set his sights on becoming a member of the Hatton Rangers team.  They are about to be relegated so Nat's opportunity is before him.  He and his Dad have travelled the world since his Mother died in a car crash seven years before.  Dad (Dave), thinks it's time to come home and they start afresh in a very run down cottage.  Nat is big and strong for his age and he has had a year playing soccer in Brazil, so although the likelihood of such an opportunity happening in real life is unlikely, it's one many young players dream about.  Many elements of adult novels appear here, not the least cheating, bullying and tough talk. But Nat's relationship with his father grows from strength to strength and the book exudes the good qualities of human relationships.
Sue Nosworthy

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