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Nov 19 2020

Disgusting McGrossface on holiday by Rove McManus

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Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781760973827.
(Age: 4-7) This is the second book by well known Australian comedian Rove McManus (he is both the author and illustrator). Disgusting McGrossface is a green, stinky, grumpy looking monster who joins his human family on a beachside holiday. He partakes in lots of yukky activities such as paddling in the sewer, using a dirty nappy as a hat and making a sandcastle toilet. The family obviously aren't too happy with his holiday list, but seem to tolerate it nonetheless.
I think this story is reasonable, and can almost hear Rove's familiar voice in my head as I read it.
I read this to my 6 year old who is right at the peak of finding anything gross hilarious - so this book was well received. She thought that Disgusting McGrossface was very funny, gross and (in her words) "probably the stinkiest monster in the whole world!"
The illustrations are bright and colourful which are generally engaging for readers/listeners from 4-7 years old and highlight all the horrid things that happen on this disastrous holiday.
The rhyming is good, with some predictability for younger listeners, and there is also multiple highlighted words (in bold) for the reader to add vocal interest and flare.
I would recommend this picture book for children who love going on holidays and love anything gross!
Lauren Fountain

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