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Nov 16 2020

Fox: A circle of life story by Isabel Thomas

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Illus. by Daniel Egneus. Bloomsbury, 2020. ISBN: 9781526600776.
(Age: 5+). Highly recommended. Fox is a thoughtfully written factual picture book. The story begins and ends with the reader being encouraged to look and listen closely. There is life stirring in the shadows. The journey of the fox searching for food to feed her young is written in short sharp sentences e.g. 'Rabbits nibble fresh green shoots. Then freeze. Ears stiffen. Noses twitch. Fox creeps, then leaps.' This simple text will appeal to younger readers but also encourage the reader to look carefully at the clever illustrations which further enhance the meaning of the story. It is evident that the author has studied foxes and knows their traits as she has described the movement of the adult fox and the way her cubs play beautifully. She has cleverly introduced the reader to the unfamiliar word of 'gekkering' which is to make a series of stuttering throaty vocalizations in the manner of foxes when encountering a rival. This story though is ultimately one about the circle of life. The adult fox dies on the road, the cubs find their way safely back to the den and the body of the fox decomposes in the way nature intends it to. The death of the fox is sensitively addressed and the author is quite honest in the description of what happens to the body. At the completion of the story are important facts about what happens when something dies. The illustrations by Daniel Egneus seamlessly complement the text.
Fox is perfect for reading aloud in the classroom or sharing at home. A welcome addition to both public and school libraries. Themes: Foxes, Life Cycle, Factual picture book
Kathryn Beilby

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