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Nov 05 2020

Shattered by Travis Winks

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Big Sky Publishing, 2020. ISBN: 9781922265883.
(Age: Adult) Shattered - no other word could better describe it. It is the true story of a family shattered by three events that all happened within the space of three months: the attempted suicide of a brother, the arrest and imprisonment of a sister, and the shooting of a father. The prologue gives us the dates and key events. Winks then goes on to tell us how his life and his relationship with his new partner Amanda spiralled into a nightmare where just one horrific thing happened after another, beginning with his brother Trent on life support following a suicidal drug overdose. Then his sister Amy cracks after enduring years of domestic violence and goes on the rampage, to be arrested and charged. And his father, the rock of the family, in despair, sets out into the paddock with a gun.
Fortunately for Travis, his partner Amanda stands by him through it all. With her support Travis finds the strength to step up to care for his splintering family.
The writing is raw and full of emotion. Readers will find themselves gripped by the story, and unable to set it down. It is hard to imagine a more horrific sequence of events. But in sharing his story Winks shines a light on issues of depression, domestic violence, and mental breakdown, and the failure of our society to provide the care and support that is needed. Unfortunately these issues are of ongoing concern.
Themes: Mental health, Depression, Suicide, Domestic violence, Nervous breakdown.
Helen Eddy

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