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Oct 30 2020

Fartboy: The first sniff by Adam Wallace

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Illus. by James Hart. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743832615.
(Ages: 6+) Highly recommended (buy two copies!!) I will be honest and say that my mummy brain is saying No to this book, but my teacher/librarian brain is saying YES!!
This is a book that will appeal to all those students who love farts and the power that they have to stop traffic and disturb the environment.
The book opens with the introduction of the main character; Martin Kennedy, who does not like mess or disorder and has never farted in his life. This is remarkable for any small boy but even more for Martin considering that he lives in a town where most of the citizens work in the Baked Bean factory.
One day just before the tidy town competition starts the factory explodes and Martin's parents go missing, what happens next devastates Martin but ensures that the reader will not want to put this book down.
Be prepared for giggles, snorts and belly laughs when children (of all ages) read this book, it is very well written and very funny. I can see this being a favourite for teachers to read aloud or have on their classroom shelves, in fact I would recommend having a spare copy hidden away as this will be very well read!!
Mhairi Alcorn

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