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Oct 30 2020

We are wolves by Katrina Nannestad

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ABC Books, 2020. ISBN: 9780733340888.
(Ages: 10+) This historical story set in World War II East Prussia based on real circumstances that lead to Wolfskinder, wolf children - lost or orphaned children at the end of the second world war, who survived by living wild (description by author listed before story in book). This story is about these children - their life before becoming wild and their lives being lost. Revolving around Liesl Wolf and her younger siblings, Otto and Mia, readers find themselves in a time where things are becoming harder for the villagers of this East Prussia town. The majority of resources are sent to the soldiers to assist in the war effort, and everyday items are becoming scarce. Then Papa is drafted to the army, and Russia is invading and everyone has to flee. Being away from home is hard enough, but being away from parents and shelter may turn the Wolf children wild.
This novel is a good introduction to the genre of historical WWII fiction, focused on the real lives of civilians, who are impacted by the war. Narrated by Liesl, who is 11 years old, the story is from the viewpoint of a child dealing with the changes and fears that come along with it. Simply written but descriptive and drama filled, the author has written a book that is great for upper primary and middle school students. While there are numerous challenges presented to the children throughout the book, Liesl manages to keep rallying and fights to stay together with her siblings, because she promised her mother she would look after them. The novel describes much of the hardships that children encountered as the smallest victims of the war. Teacher's notes are available.
Themes: War, hardship, family, relationships, perseverance and resilience.
Melanie Phillips

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