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Oct 30 2020

The Odds by Matt Stanton

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Harper Collins, 2020. ISBN: 9780733340635.
(Age: 8+)Recommended for primary students. This is book one of a likeable new middle to upper primary graphic novel series by popular Funny Kid creator Matt Stanton.
In The Odds a quiet girl called Kip is struggling to find her place in the world. She is teased at school, has no friends and is worrying about having to prepare a school talk about what makes her unique.
One morning Kip wakes to find ten imaginary characters standing in her bedroom.
All the characters are odd in their own way. For instance, one wears a saucepan on her head, one has no bottom, one speaks in blips and blups, while another immediately hides in Kip's bed.
Kip, her dad and the characters don't know what's going on, but all agree the characters should go back. What follows is lots of trial and error, chaos and misunderstandings and plenty of gentle humour.
It is easy to read and to follow the story as it's all set out as a typical graphic novel. Students who generally prefer graphic novels won't need a push to read this one through to the end and it's worth doing as the story has some wonderful messages, one of which comes from Kip's dad. He gives some heart-warming advice about not running away when life gets hard and instead sharing hard times with others.
In the end Kip shows that being brave enough to just be yourself is the most important step to being happy and making friends.
Themes: friendship, imagination, adventure, feelings.
Kylie Grant

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