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Oct 20 2020

Older by Pamela Redmond

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Hachette, 2020. ISBN: 9780733645372
This story is written as a sequel to Redmond's earlier novel,Younger, the book that was the foundation of a highly popular television series in the USA. Redmond's follow-up novel takes us into her adult life, the choices she makes and the challenges that she faces, after the huge following that was elicited by the TV series. This book would be suitable for adolescent and adult reading.
In Older, Redmond describes the issues that a new mother faces, from the lack of sleep, the demands of a child, when life before motherhood seemed so full, vital and energizing. Now we read of the exhaustion, the need for patience when a baby is unsettled, and the pressing need to have a break from the seemingly never-ending demands of motherhood. We are able to see the pressing need for help with the child, and how new mothers particularly seek a solution to this issue. Redmond addresses the issue of the role of grandparents in this modern world, and their challenges in this role.
Vital, interesting and very much a description of the modern world of the clash of jobs, children, work and relationships, this novel bares all. We are also taken into the world of television, where and how programs are generated, written, performed and received by audiences. This book provides a view of that world and it is indeed a fascinating but incredibly demanding world.
Elizabeth Bondar

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